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At East Valley Family Therapy, we understand that there are some who need the support, but cannot afford the full price of therapy. It can be difficult if you don't have sufficient insurance coverage and to have to pay out of pocket. 


For that reason, East Valley Family Therapy partners with several Universities and picks the very best and most qualified Interns to provide a cost effective option for the support you need. And because they are under direct supervision of both their University professors and one of our very own licensed therapists, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands as they already bring so much talent to the table AND will be consulting with their supervisors in regards to your care.


Please read below all about what our two highly vetted student Interns have to offer, and then schedule your appointment with them. 

Heather Richards, MFT Intern

Heather excitedly joins the East Valley Family Therapy team

as a student intern under the supervision of Jonathan Harrop,

LMFT. Heather has begun training in Emotion Focused

Therapy (EFT) and has attended an EFT externship as the

first step towards becoming a certified EFT therapist.

She is passionate about helping couples understand

their negative relationship patterns and helping them find

new ways of expressing themselves to their partner. Heather

believes when couples learn how to turn toward each

other and truly express their needs, a secure relationship

begins to develop. This will allow for both partners to grow

into the best version of themselves, together. She aspires to

help individuals, couples, and families work through conflicts,

feel safe and comfortable expressing themselves, and

ultimately reach their relationship goals.


Heather strives to create a safe and welcoming space for

clients to thrive both personally and relationally. She is

inspired and honored by the courage taken to reach out and invite her on this personal journey - to seek support in the face of pain, loss, relationship struggles, or uncertainty. She has adopted a client-centered, attachment-focused lens in her work and looks forward to walking side by side with each client and couple on their path toward healing.

Rates for Heather

$60 /hour session

Lawana Mortensen, MFT Intern

Lawana strongly believes in the importance of the

family and hopes to dedicate her efforts to

strengthening them. This includes working with families

on every level of their relationships: couples,

parent/child, and siblings. In all of her clinical interests, 

she is most passionate about working with children and

their families. 

Her individual therapeutic focus is in Dialectical

Behavior Therapy (DBT), while focusing on Gottman

Relational Strategies and Emotionally Focused Therapy

(EFT) in the relational realm. Under the supervision of

Jonathan Harrop, she intends to become certified in

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

(EMDR) as well as Sand Tray therapy to strengthen her

trauma-focused strategies with children.

Lawana is the mother of 6 children, 4 rambunctious boys

and 2 amazing daughters. She has a love of children and

has served the children in her East Valley community for

the past 20 years, including 10+ years in the Boy Scouts

of America, with her focus in Cub Scouts. Some of her personal interests include supporting her husband in his love of the outdoors, watching her children in their extra-curricular activities, world-wide travel, reading/learning new things, and college football.

Both her education and her family life has given Lawana a head start as a therapist. Her down to earth and straight forward approach, mixed with her personable and compassionate nature create a safe environment for children and families alike. 

Rates for Lawana

$60 /hour session

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