Jonathan Harrop

Jonathan is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a board approved Supervisor for MFT’s in the State of Arizona, and is the owner, supervisor, and therapist for East Valley Family Therapy. He is also an Approved Supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists.


He received his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University, a second Master’s degree in Bible and Ministry from Lubbock Christian University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development from Brigham Young University.


Jonathan also currently serves as a Chaplain in the Arizona Army National Guard and has counseled with hundreds of our country’s servicemen and women around matters related to trauma, relationships, and faith. 



Jonathan is an experienced facilitator and most often requested Chaplain to facilitate the marriage retreats for the Arizona Army National Guard. He has facilitated dozens of marriage and family weekend retreats to strengthen the most important relationships of those who serve and sacrifice so much to support and sustain this country's freedoms.

Relationship Focused

Jonathan is a relationship expert. He is trained in Attachment Theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy, both of which are highly respected and effective forms of therapy.


With this specialization, Jonathan compassionately and effectively counsels people in their most important and meaningful relationships (marriage and family) to resolve conflict, improve communication, and connect more meaningfully.


From couples where the relationship seems dead, to those experiencing high conflict, Jonathan will help you understand the ways you have gotten stuck in unhealthy/unproductive patterns, and work with you step-by-step to help you break free of these patterns and learn how to forgive, repair, connect, and move forward.


He views counseling as a sacred trust, and sincerely desires success for all those he works with.

Trauma Specialist

Experienced working with complex traumas, Jonathan is adept and motivated to help his clients understand and find healing so they can live life more fully.


Whether it be the more apparent traumas associated with war/other forms of violence, to the less noticeable kinds stemming from how one was raised, Jonathan is equipped to help you through them, as he is trained in EMDR, one of the most effective modalities used to treat trauma.

Child /Youth Counseling

Jonathan also has history working in the Public Welfare system, working with kids with big behaviors and their families to better understand the complex behaviors children have and to find more effective ways to respond to these children’s complex and often-times confusing needs.


Down-to-earth and personable, he has experience utilizing Functional Behavioral Analysis – which helps all involved to break down a behavior in order to understand why it is there, along with learning how to effectively respond to the behaviors to help them to decrease.

Military Service /Expertise

Serving as a Military Chaplain in the Arizona Army National Guard for the past 10 years has enabled Jonathan to counsel with and assist those who sacrifice much for our country.


He honors and understands some of the unique challenges of working in a male-dominated culture where many experience trauma and struggle talking about the emotional effects it has on them.


He is ready and able to counsel individuals, couples, and families who experience this military/first-responder life-style as well as those with similar challenges, including extended separation, reintegration struggles, resilience, etc.

Rates for Jonathan

$150 /hour

$225 / 1.5 hour session (Ideal for couples).

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